let it in. let it out.

I'm Camia; 20. Wild. Interesting. Curious. Happy. Loving. Sarcastic. Confident. Greatful. Inspired. Relentless. Stubborn. Probably Right. Probably Wrong.

I love; GOD. Painting. Photography. Music. Jewelry. Dreaming. Purses. Writing. Tattoos. Bright Colors. Dancing. Talking. Crazy Patterns. Listening. Drawing. Anything with Nicki Minaj in it. Traveling. Learning. Makeup. Shoes. Family. Friendship. Love.

In the beginning you'll judge me. By the end, you'll love me. <3

Probablyyyy the sickest tattoo I&#8217;ve ever seen. Probably.

Probablyyyy the sickest tattoo I’ve ever seen. Probably.

Still alive.

You taught me what this feels like. And then how it feels to lose it. And you showed me who I wanted to be. And then who I wasn’t. And you ticked every box. And then drew a line. And you weren’t mine to begin with. And then not to end with. And you looked like everything I wanted. And then became something I hated. And you let me leave. And then wish I’d stayed. And you almost killed me. But I didn’t die.

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